City of San Bernardino

Design Subconsulting for an LNG/LCNG Fueling Facility

San Bernardino, CA 
1/05 to 11/07

Provide comprehensive engineering and technical support for an LNG fueling facility that will include an LCNG subsystem. Preliminary facility design includes a 15,000-gallon horizontal tank, submerged multifunction centrifugal pump (offload, conditioning, LNG dispensing and booting to LCNG reciprocating pump at up to 80 LNG GPM), saturation coil, LCNG vaporizing coil, simplex reciprocating pump (8 LNG GPM), LNG dispenser mounted on containment wall, and conventional multi-bank CNG subsystem with two-hose 3000- & 3600-PSIG hoses, as well as high-pressure mercaptan and lube-oil dosing panels. LNG system will be expandable to allow future installation of up to two LNG dispensers at fueling islands.

Fuel Solutions engagement included preparing a system-wide conceptual P&ID and an equipment-site plan, coordinating conceptual 1-line electrical drawing by MDC Engineers, Inc., preparing performance-based technical specifications for the LNG/LCNG facility, reviewing the awarded Contractors design-construction drawings and equipment submittals, and verifying field performance of the facility upon construction completion. We are providing these services to Gladstein, Neandross & Associates on a subconsulting basis, as GNA is providing project management, coordination of Caltrans funding approval, environmental-assessment coordination and other similar work. Project has recently been awarded for construction.