Los Angeles County Metro

Division 13 Bus Facility

Los Angeles, CA
2/09 to present

Design of a 4500-SCFM, four-lane CNG fueling facility for transit fueling. Includes preparation of performance and functional specifications for an integrated 10-year O&M contract and accompanying Excel-based price form.  The facility also includes design of gasoline and diesel fueling system for fleet cars and trucks, which included a marina-style dispenser sump in order to avoid any buried piping per Metro requirements.  The project scope includes a Green Fueling Island providing B20, E85 and CNG fuels.  The Green island is an additive alternate for the project, is planned to be located across a five-lane street from the Division 13 facility, and will include a credit card payment terminal. The CNG dispenser will be connected to the main transit-CNG system via 750’ long conduits and a 2" schedule XXS pipe.